Real Estate Agent St Peters

Real Estate Agent St Peters

Eclipse Real Estate are your local property experts, specialising in all facets of property sales and management. We take great pride in delivering tailored service, a refined process and guaranteed results.

Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of the property market—let our real estate agent St Peters do the hard work for you! We want you to enjoy the process of buying, selling or renting a home, starting with professional advice, insight into the current market, and more information about how Eclipse Real Estate can facilitate a great home lifestyle.

Eclipse Real Estate is made up of a team of award-winning professionals who are not only passionate, but they’re amazing at what they do. We don’t settle for anything less than your desired outcome, which is why strong communication and detailed consultations with our clients are such an important starting point for us. Our team members are dynamic, honest, and have a wealth of experience in the field which stems from having our finger on the pulse throughout the natural ebb and flow of the property market.

Experts in all facets of real estate

We specialise in all facets of real estate, from buying, renting, selling, right through to ongoing property management services. We’re considered a boutique firm; and put more focus on allocating time and energy into each individual case rather than letting your needs get lost in the masses. You will be allocated a suitable and knowledgeable real estate agent St Peters who will be your single point of contact from start to finish. This person’s line of communication will always be open to you, whether you require a simple update over the phone, or would like to organise a sit-down consultation to discuss progress at depth. Here’s a bit more of an insight into to what we can do for you:

Selling: If it’s time to move on from your property, you will need to begin with a house evaluation and some advice on any small improvements that can add further value to your space. Your real estate agent St Peters will organise open-home visits at an appropriate time for you. With assistance from Eclipse, it will be a simple and straight-forward transaction that meets your timeline and pricing expectations.

Buying: So, you haven’t quite found any stand-out properties that marry up with your dreams. Don’t stress! Talk to us about your preferred locations, layout requirements and home deal-breakers so we can get digging. When you work with us to find your perfect home, we’ll make sure there’s no nasty surprises, your budget requirements are met, and the transition of home-ownership is easy.

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