Operations Manager

0402 146 980

It takes someone ultra-switched on to keep the multi award-winning Eclipse Sales Team in line; take the stage, Isabella Defazio.

She’s the Marie Kondo of real estate team management with a knack for organization, a Certificate 4 in Property Services, and eyes and ears forever peeled for innovation and new processes.

Working for a boutique ground-up entity such as Eclipse Real Estate, Isabella thrives on the freedom she gets to test the water with new ideas; ideas that maybe wouldn’t float under a franchise.

And with the talent to juggle anything, high attention to detail, and a mind that’s always ticking over, problem-solving is her forte, no matter how hot the pressure cooker is.

She also revels in the rewards of team effort; and at Eclipse, everyone’s role is important, appreciated, and pats on the back are commonplace.

If anyone can connect to all walks of life, provide open and honest dialogue, make the team feel comfortable, and trust that big things are worthy trying, Isabella can.

No wonder Eclipse put her in charge.