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As Eclipse Real Estate’s founder, director, and your first or next property dream-maker, meet Michael Viscariello. It’s safe to say he’s far more than the smartly suited icon co-starring in many of his feature listing videos. Driven by property, motivated by people, and heavily invested in your listing or selling plans, Michael dodges those tried – and often tired – traditional real estate principles and strides his own path.

So, it seems his swish branding, social media saturation, and ever-growing team of expertise encompassing Sales and Property Management, might just be working…

And all credit to Michael’s fresh twist on tradition, he can attest to a jam-packed database of elated clients who are more than willing to repeat the experience. Beyond his depth of character and easy-going nature, Michael has extensive building industry experience, and an exhaustive list of successful family home, residential, off-plan, and development sales.

He not only brings specialist real estate insight, multi award-winning marketing, communication, and a forward-thinking approach, but he means business as a leader – and a leading agent – with eyes all over the north-east and eastern suburbs. Which means he’s probably passed your place a few times too. Trust the consensus and achieve sales success with Michael at Eclipse. Don’t try to spell or pronounce his last name, just call him, today.