Raised in the west, today Matthew Vinci is knee deep in the eastern suburbs bringing a career cocktail of skills from customer service, coaching, and hospitality, making him born ready for real estate.

Virtually growing up on construction sites, Matthew is confident and ambitious, a proud soccer coach, life coach (just ask his friends) and a hardworking, street-smart, natural born communicator…

Deep down, he proudly pedestals his hardworking, honest grandparents who started their Australian life story from the ground up – modesty that made success.

Which is where Matthew fits neatly into the Eclipse Team. Waving a Certificate III in Events – he throws a mean staff party – he’s a qualified Sales Representative, has completed Property Management and Auctioneering courses, and flaunts a past in hospitality senior management.

He’s a doer. He’s the friendly touchpoint you’ll have plenty to do with as a vendor, buyer, or prospective client, and he’s the energetic go-to guy Eclipse is grateful for on the floor.

Matthew is well-seasoned to the pressure cooker world of problem solving and thrives in both the client-facing spectrum and the underbelly of business – right where his high-level attention to detail comes with a side serve of client satisfaction.

And when he’s not giving wholeheartedly across sales, property management and admin, he’s casting a youthful eye over marketing and social media, stretching the Eclipse audience farther and wider.

Taking his versatility, honesty, trust, and his wise-beyond-his-years social IQ to all new heights, it won’t be hard to put your trust in Matthew and the team at Eclipse Real Estate.