The team here at eclipse has put together a guide to help you find the best real estate agent in the Kensington and Norwood area to fit your needs. The most important aspect to listing your property for sale is, picking the best real estate agent for the job. This guide will give you some tips and ideas on how to find the best real estate agents to sell your home fast. By discussing points such as the agent’s local knowledge, achievement’s and people skills this will give you the ability to sift through all possible candidates’ to find your perfect match.


Steps To Find the Best Real Estate Agent



Firstly research is vital, look for the most successful real estate agents in Norwood and Kensington. Create a shortlist of these agents, and then analyse data like how many listings they have or how they market their properties. Looking at metrics such as average days on market or auction clearance rates are very important as well as this will give you a good indication on what type of outcome that agent may achieve for you. Be thorough, do not just look at who has the most adverts online or in the paper and assume that agent will be your best choice. Take the time to speak to friends, family and anyone who you trust and find out their recommendations on the matter.

Local Knowledge

When meeting a potential agent test out their local knowledge of Kensington and Norwood. The best real estate agents will have a good understanding of the local market. Not only does this ensure they know the market well and how to achieve results but also understand the local residents and how to motivate them.

See Them in Action

Using the shortlist of agents pick you’re most favourable candidates and head out to one of their open houses. Observing possible real estate agents presenting homes and how they interact with potential buyers gives you a good indication of their abilities, since most of the decision making process when buying a home is emotional your agent should understand  what buyers will respond and engage with.


Perhaps the most important point of all is comfort. Out of all the real estate agents in Norwood and Kensington are you comfortable having this agent sell your home? The most successful agents are the ones which can nurture you and guide you through this process.

How can we help?

With such a dynamic team here at eclipse real estate, hosting some of the best real estate agents in Kensington and Norwood we are here to help you. Feel free to get in touch with anyone in our team and let us know how we can help you!