Cut the red tape first

Ok, easier said than done. But there is a lot of paperwork to be completed when it comes to listing a property, and you can get ahead of the curve from the start.

Compliance can quickly become an issue and revoke sales at the worst times. Engaging in your own building inspection prior to getting an agent can ensure you don’t lose a sale at the last minute. For example, if you (or a previous owner) has removed a load-bearing wall or some questionable electrical wiring has occurred at some stage, this can be a sure-fire way to see a sale fall through. It could also mean you don’t even reach compliance for rental.

Properties with a pool also should really consider a pool compliance certificate as there are lots of small adjustments that may need to be made prior to listing your property.

First impressions

The VERY first impression a renter or buyer will get is the front of your home. That means if there’s anything that could do with cleaning up i.e. fences, dings and dents, dead foliage etc, now is the time. Lots of people will form their opinion of a property simply as they walk or drive by. Make sure you’re turning heads, for the right reasons, from the start.

Do you have a hammer handy?

All that household maintenance you couldn’t be bothered finishing? You guessed it. Now is the time. There’s no need to make major changes to your property but fixing up the dents, dings and scratches that have accumulated will make a big difference the potential end value.

This also goes for flooring that has seen better days. If your carpet has stains, be sure to enlist the services of a carpet cleaner. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Alternatively, you could choose to remove carpet that can’t be revived altogether. Particularly if there are salvageable floorboards underneath.

This can be a lengthy but not necessarily expensive process.

Safety essentials

Trying to present a property that doesn’t appear safe will immediately turn people away. Just because you’ve become used to avoiding the little nail that sticks up from the floorboard or the ripple in the vinyl doesn’t mean potential renters or buyers have. Even if these are just small issues, they can lead people to believe there are more safety issues hidden elsewhere.


Your property will need to be inspected for defects, compliance, pests and more. Though you may not be an expert, doing a once over of these things before calling an agent is a smart choice.

If you know there are leaks in the roof or suspect a possum has made your residence it’s home, removing these hiccups first is in your best interest.

Whip out the paintbrush

Presentation is a key factor when selling or renting a home. The more fresh and clean a property appears, the more in demand it will be.

You should take some time to consider the types of people your property appeals to. Families with young children will probably desire something very different from that of an empty nester.

A stylist can assist you with this if you choose to enlist one. They can see your property, whether it’s your home or otherwise, through a very different lens. Your agent will need to know what they are selling, so if you’re going to make changes to the intended use of a room, this needs to happen before they begin their assessments.

It’s really key to remember here that you only want to be making changes that will increase the possible value of your property. Going above and beyond in creating your own dream vision could be wasted money.

Seeing green

You don’t need to be a green thumb to know that a garden area can completely transform a space. We’re not saying you need to enlist the help of Backyard Blitz, but attempting to spruce up what you have by removing anything dead or dying could really change the outlook.

This doesn’t need to be an expensive or exhaustive exercise, some cost-effective outdoor chairs and a few bits of greenery or flowers could make all the difference.

Honesty is the best policy

Write a list of areas that could be of concern to your agent and potential buyers or renters. Not disclosing this information will only draw out the sales process in the end. It could end mean buyer’s end up breaking settlements and suddenly you’re back to square one.

Make the call

This may seem like a long list, but taking on the above tasks can mean the sale (or renting) part of the process is smooth and speedy. You and your agent need to be on the same page when you begin this journey together. You want an accurate picture to be painted of what your property could achieve on the market. Making sure all of the above is covered will make the experience far more comfortable and hopefully profitable, for all involved.