A real estate property management can provide a long list of services: pricing advice, leasing expertise, negotiation and maintenance contacts, and knowledge of complex tenancy legislation, as well as the hands-on management of properties day-to-day. They can save owners a big chunk of money and help them make a larger profit year on year.

From keeping across legislative requirements to ensure compliance to doing regular inspections to managing complex financial accounts, property management is anything but simple, which is why considering a Property Management service might be a good idea.

Here’s everything you need to know, to find the best real estate property manager for you!

Look Locally

From knowing the demographics of the tenant pool or simply what rent to charge in your area, local knowledge is king. Your best start is to find a promising property manager in your area that has a good amount of leased properties already.

Do your research

Research is vital, after finding a couple of potential property managers; jump online to read through their customer reviews. If you have family or friends that own property, ask their opinion on their own property manager. Reviews can give you a really good indication of how possible property managers will perform.


How a property manager communicates is important, a good property manager should be very easy to reach when needed. When something goes wrong with your property or you have an issue with a tenant, you want to know your property manager is reachable and responsive. Also, consider how they communicate with you, be it via text, call, email, or maybe through an app. It is important that they communicate in a style that suits you.

A good Real Estate Property Management Agency should make you feel at ease, and they should care for your property and its tenants to the best of their ability. Lastly you should completely trust your property manager in what they do; leaving you confident you are in good hands.